Dr. Kayser is always available for emergency treatment both during and after office hours. If he is not in town, he will have a doctor on call for him to help get you comfortable until you can be seen by our office. We are happy to help you, a friend or out-of-town family member.

No one knows when an accident can happen but often they can be prevented. If you or your child plays sports, it is recommended that you have a custom made mouth guard for full protection of your teeth. We offer this service at no charge to our patients.

If you have lost a tooth to trauma, follow this protocol and be seen within 2 hours.

  • Pick up the tooth by the crown –not the root.
  • Briefly run it under cool water DO NOT clean or scrub the tooth, this will remove the fibers needed for reattachment
  • Try to keep the amount of time exposed to air less than 10 minutes
  • Try to put it back into the socket
  • If the tooth can’t be placed into the socket, submerge it in milk or place it under the tongue. In a pinch, spit saliva and blood into a cup and carry it in that way
  • NEVER KEEP A TOOTH IN WATER- it will damage the tissue beyond repair